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The Diversity Advancement Network is a global initiative that celebrates, unites and empowers all people for the good of society. At DAN, we create unique philanthropic opportunities to celebrate success stories while providing solutions to common issues in our communities.


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Platform's Virtual
Meet & Greet

Within The 1st 90 Days

We recommend doing this in 1 or 2 formats and at different times. In-person if possible in the future. Presently, via WhatsApp group chat, WhataApp video conference; a Zoom meeting for approximately  60 minutes.
(Recommended for the first platform meetings)

The Winning Mindset




Team Player


Our Virtual Agenda


Virtual Mondays

Black Empowerment

Daily ongoing literacy conversations, workshops and celebrations that inspires, restores hope and empowers.
(Runs in a 6 weeks circle)

Every 1st Mondays

Black Home Ownership Network

From Jan 3rd, 2022

Every 2nd Mondays

Black Canadian Business Network

From Jan 10th, 2022

Every 3rd Mondays

Empowered To Vote

From Jan 17th, 2022

Every 4th Mondays

Africans In Canada Network

From Jan 24th, 2022

Every 5th Mondays

Black Advisory Board Network

From Jan 31st, 2022

Every 6th Mondays

Skills To Get Hired

From Feb 7th, 2022

Every 7th Mondays

Black Advisory Council

From Jan 2023

Virtual Tuesdays

Women Empowerment

Daily ongoing literacy conversations, workshops and celebrations that inspires, restores hope and empowers.
(Runs in a 6 weeks circle)

Every 1st Tuesdays

African Women Honors & Empowerment

From Jan 4th, 2022

Every 2nd Tuesdays

Black Women Honors & Empowerment

From Jan 11th, 2022

Every 3rd Tuesdays

Caribbean Women Honors & Empowerment

From Jan 18th, 2022

Every 4th Tuesdays

Global Women Leadership Forum

From Jan 25th, 2022

Every 5th Tuesdays

Future Female President Network

From Feb 1st, 2022

Every 6th Tuesdays

Success Driven Women

From Feb 8th, 2022

Every 7th Tuesday

Black Beauty Alliance or First Ladies Forum

From Jan 2023

Virtual Wednesdays

Economic Empowerment

Daily ongoing literacy conversations, workshops and celebrations that inspires, restores hope and empowers.
(Runs in a 6 weeks circle)

Every 1st Wednesdays

Caribbean CEO Forum

From Jan 5th, 2022

Every 2nd Wednesdays

Black CEO Forum

From Jan 12th, 2022

Every 3rd Wednesdays

Canada CEO Forum

From Jan 19th, 2022

Every 4th Wednesdays

Africa CEO Summit

From Jan 26th, 2022

Every 5th Wednesdays

Women CEO Forum

From Feb 2nd, 2022

Every 6th Wednesdays

America CEO Forum

From Feb 9th, 2022

Every 7th Wednesdays

Diversity CEO Forum

From Jan 2023

Virtual Thursdays

Women Excellence

Daily ongoing literacy conversations, workshops and celebrations that inspires, restores hope and empowers.
(Runs in a 6 weeks circle)

Every 1st Thursdays

Diversity Women Awards

From Jan 6th, 2022

Every 2nd Thursdays

African Women Awards

From Jan 13th, 2022

Every 3rd Thursdays

Canadian Women Awards

From Jan 20th, 2022

Every 4th Thursdays

Black Women Awards

From Jan 27th, 2022

Every 5th Thursdays

Caribbean Women Awards

From Feb 3rd, 2022

Every 6th Thursdays

American Women Awards

From Feb 10th, 2022

Every 7th Thursdays

Global Women Awards

From Jan 2023

Virtual Fridays

Black Excellence

Daily ongoing literacy conversations, workshops and celebrations that inspires, restores hope and empowers.
(Runs in a 6 weeks circle)

Every 1st Fridays

Black Community Awards

From Jan 7th, 2022

Every 2nd Fridays

Black Canadian Awards

From Jan 14th, 2022

Every 3rd Fridays

Black Business Awards

From Jan 21st, 2022

Every 7th Fridays

Black Icons Matter

From Jan 2023

Every 4th Fridays

Black American Awards

From Jan 28th, 2022

Every 5th Fridays

Black Excellence Awards

From Feb 4th, 2022

Every 6th Fridays

Black British Awards

From Feb 11th, 2022

Every 7th Tuesdays

First Ladies Forum

From Feb 8th, 2022

Virtual Saturdays

Mentorship & Leadership

Daily ongoing literacy conversations, workshops and celebrations that inspires, restores hope and empowers.
(Runs in a 6 weeks circle from June & July)

These Videos Reflects Our Vision Hope you find them inspirational!

We are in the business of providing solutions to the needs of others.

Check Our Videos, Charts and Much More..

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Paul Ade

Paul Ade is the founder of a few initiatives that are focused on uplifting people and their communities. Paul previously pioneered and pastored a few churches over a decade ago. He was the executive publisher for the Afro-Caribbean News, and Wisdom Magazine. Paul has volunteered with several organizations, as he’s very passionate about showcasing the best in everyone, especially through initiatives that empowers and showcases black people in a positive way. Paul is also the founder and Executive Director at the Diversity Advancement Network, and he is also a Realtor in Canada.

15 YRS+


15 YRS+


15 YRS+


Hear Some Of Our Stories

Fact Not Fiction Informative, and Precise

Resettle In Canada Inc. is an established Immigration and Education company that’s based in Canada. However, we have agents and partners in Canada and overseas.

A Few Extras

For Clients Only

Resettle In Canada Inc. is a full house immigration and settlement platform. We won't give-up until our clients are fully settled into the Canadian system. 

Career Development

At Resettle In Canada Inc., we believe in self development and economic empowerment. Through our partners and other resources, we will ensure our clients have the resources they need to settle down appropriately. Career development is the continuous process of an individual giving time and resources to learn, work, leisure and other activities with the sole purpose of improving the individual skills and abilities for current and future purposes.


Resettle In Canada Inc. is an immigration company whose objective extends to other providing solutions to other needs that would be helpful to our clients. Canada Best Houses Inc. is one of our top partners in regards to rentals and other real estate transactions. Lots of items are required to rent or buy a property in Canada. With the help of an experienced real estate company or realtor, our clients interest are better served. Most of our clients will rent first, then buy later.


Buy Or Rent A Home

We Are Committed To

An Annual Literacy Program A Global Strategy To Impact a million people

Our publishing and literacy projects was first initiated in 2004 with the launch of Wisdom magazine, and a few years later we published the Afro-Caribbean Newspaper. This was before we launched the Black Super Pages directory. From our past experience, we do understand the challenges and complexities involved in publishing, but we also appreciate it as an effective tool in enriching the minds of many people, while promoting financial freedom, equity, our history, and much more.

Under our new structure, we will have publication materials that will enhance our platform’s 3 main seasons to ensure we are making meaningful impact that will uplift and empower our world of influence in different continents, regardless of age and economic conditions.

  1. Black Excellence Program & Literacy Magazine
  2. Women Empowerment Program & Literacy Magazine
  3. CEO Economic Empowerment Program & Literacy Magazine

Our 3 Main Components


Our platforms will continually collaborate with various industry experts to facilitate virtual empowerment sessions with a range of topics and unique focus on financial freedom, mentorship, tributes, and much more.



We have executed several forums, workshops and awards ceremonies to showcase and nourish the minds of our communities. We hope to use our women, black and economic months as a season to impact our world.


Literacy Program

We look forward to using this program to unite our different platforms and affiliated industry experts to ensure we uplift and enrich those in our world irrespective of having our platforms in different regions.



Buying a property is good but these are


with the objective of getting a stress
FREE cost effective outcome

Leaders Roles & Responsibilities

  • To represent DAN in the region.
  • To recruit and guide the leadership team and advisory board.
  • To manage high-level organization planning, administrative support and coordinate meetings.
  • To initiate beneficial alliances with like-minded organizations & influencers.
  • To coordinate information flow, and training sessions.
  • Primarily to be of help to the Platform managers and Presidents, especially when  needed and at the early stages.
  • To function in the capacity of the chief executive officer should also mean this unique leader is ready to take responsibility for the successes of the platform, and hopefully we never have any serious failures.
  • To recruit and manage the leadership team and other resources in ensuring the platform functions effectively in achieving its goals.
  • Both the virtual and in-person strategies are essential to the success of our vision.
  • Must be effective in delegating task and keeping other leaders accountable to the team and the vision. Leaders should not feel unutilized.
  • The Assistant Platform Manager exist to help the PM to succeed, while Country Directors are operating in the capacity of an Assistant Platform President.
  • To build a database of potential sponsor and their contacts in both the private and public sectors.
  • To develop documentation for present and future applications.
  • To apply for grants & sponsorship from both private and public sectors.
  • To be involved in the management of financial resources.
  • To ensure the platform is well positioned to be a suitable organization for local and national sponsor.
  • To be creative and strategic in directing the platform on fundraising, partnerships and grants.
  • We should reach-out to potential sponsors several months before we apply.
  • To take up strategic tasks and specialized support in ensuring success in the project, task or responsibility.
  • To take responsibility over a unique project.
  • To invest time into gathering intel and data on the subject matter. Also doing some background research to ensure we aim for perfection in our execution.
  • We should always have a draft on how we plan to executive our key objectives. Such drafts should be archived for use at other times or as a resource to share with our other platforms.
  • We should also make attempts to improve on our existing systems and protocols.
  • To be creative in drafting and broadcasting "Press Releases" on a monthly basis with the hope of making heading by taking advantage of topics of interest, or advocating for policies that will uplift and empower. Such publications can be followed up with interview opportunities and must also have multiple comments from stakeholders and members of our leadership.
  • To solicit interview or panel opportunities on radio, TV, YouTube, and with diverse influencers on different social media platforms.
  • Consistent social media awareness.
  • Ensure we continuously improve with our branding and name recognition.
  • To prepare publicity plan and strategy for both the virtual events and in-person events.
  • The editorial for our literacy campaigns materials must be exceptional.
  • To ensure the platforms fliers, posters and other graphic work are available when needed, both for the virtual and in-person activities.
  • To regularly advice the leadership on technological advances, and how we can better integrate our structures with available technology.
  • To provide legal counsel to the platform's leadership
  • To help with drafting sensitive documents.
  • To provide guidance in the platform's compliance with regulations.
  • To enlighten our leadership on new government policies and how we are able to navigate such.
  • To help with the drafting of documents we plan to present to policy makers, if and when we decide to advocate for policies or engage such stakeholders.
  • To attract and enlist like-minds in law enforcement like the police, lawyers, judges, etc.
  • To take advantage of community happenings to create awareness for the platform and possibly connect with community stakeholders to get acquainted with potential partners.
  • Building awareness in schools, colleges, community groups, radio, blogs and through TV or social media.
  • To build local, national and regional partnerships. Its important to have a variety of groups and organizations in our partnerships.
  • Example: If our platform is a women empowerment network, we shouldn't have more than 20% of our partners as women groups. Instead, we can also partner with business networks, social clubs, economic organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders.
  • Recruitment, management and growth of leadership team.
  • New members enrolments and integration.
  •  Guide our leadership to ensure we treat everyone as a human being who matters.
  • Ensure team mates are not struggling to fit into the leadership.
  • Ensure individual inputs are not ignored but rather they feel their contributions are appreciated.
  • We should continually tell stories that promotes a culture of peace and harmony while distancing from hostility and conflicts.
  • Ensure our activities have no form of toxicity in them. People should always meet a joyful atmosphere and feel appreciated.
  • We must encourage effective teamwork.
  • Ensure we have regular membership drives and search for new leaders within our membership.
  • To contribute or lead with the planning and management of meetings, zoom, venue, hospitality, agenda, etc.
  • We will need event managers and coordinators to manage some aspects of our programs, especially our platforms that will be planning galas, workshops and other in-person programs.
  • To ensure different industries are engaged with the hope of enlisting potential members and partners into our platforms. (Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Realtors, and their Professional Boards, etc.)
  • A strategy must exist to consciously reach-out to these professionals, and to keep them engaged when they eventually join our platforms.
  • To motivate and inspire through literacy strategies.
  • To target a multi-generational following and membership system.
  • Also identifying marginalized areas and institutions for our yearly literacy outreach.


Our organization and individual platforms are not faith based or in support of one religion.

Our platforms should remain focused on what it was intended to do. Faith quotes are welcomed as long as its positive and such is only shared occasionally.

We hope everyone is heard and allowed to contribute. In reality, at the earlier stages we may have very little tasks to do, but we will try to communicate professionally with a tone that accommodates everyone.

We should also remember that everyone is busy.

Thanks for the observation. This we have heard a few times and also considered while re-inventing our model and strategies.

We strongly believe in the multiple frontiers with the hope that most and possible all will be very effective in their key targets

Funding is relative to expected outcomes. We will make deliberate efforts to drive our vision through cost-effective strategies.


We will apply for funds before taking on much larger projects. We may also agree on internal dues & external donations.

We believe everyone has a busy schedule and mostly occupied with other family and professional responsibilities.

We do anticipate our leads will be absent for some meetings, as long as they either inform the group or reach-out afterwards for updates.

If you are still not sure then maybe this is not for you. You are welcome to join as a member or online rather than be involved in the leadership.

However, you have no reason to feel your contributions won’t be valued. No one here is perfect, and we all learn and contribute as we can.

Yes you can be a member or follower if that’s best for you. We will still respectfully relate with you and value your participation.

Membership will be announced once we are fully operational. Donation opportunities will be opened when such is agreed upon.

We would rather have our leads involved in only one platform and role, but some exceptions can be made.

You are free to start your own platform but try to inform us earlier and we should remain connected & maybe partners. We should try to avoid conflicts of interest, and unhealthy competition.

Platforms are encouraged to have individual social presence. Website will be provided by DAN.

All platforms will be more active on a central social media platform. More guidelines will be made available to the communication team.

You are welcome to advocate for more activities or meetings to get the platform more active.

You can respectfully reach-out to other leaders or the PM or President. And if still not active then reach-out to the Regional directors or DAN, but be ready to do more as well.

You are welcome to communicate with either the Platform manager, the President or the Talent manager, and one of them should be helpful in resolving such issues.

You can also make suggestions and we may embrace it.

Yes, it should be okay to move from a women empowerment platform to an economic empowerment platform.

Please communicate with your Platform leads to initiate the process.

A recommendation will be sent to the other platform.

A change of work, lifestyle or location shouldn’t affect your involvement as long as you can make some adjustments to help with your new lifestyle.

You can also request a month or two months vacation time from the leadership.

Roles on DAN Platforms are expected to be for 12 months. Each leader can decide to continue for another term. We strongly support continuity unless the individual is unwilling and such lead can remain a member and occasional get involved.

We should always keep our relationships positive.

Very good question. We should be able to attend DAN platform events anywhere but it will be nice if such a DAN platform event does not clash with our local platform activities.

DAN will provide some protocol to help facilitate collaborations and events or workshop participation.

Yes, DAN will be present either via video or in-person. We have both a regional director and coordinator. We also have other leaders from our HQ that may represent the organization.

Regardless, DAN will always be involved and will gladly be present.

As long as we have some people to attend our activities and such viewership continue to increase.

Our activities must also be informative and consistent with the vision of DAN.

Viewership often grows overtime.

Good question with good intentions, but we are not in a hurry to have multiple chapters.

If we have at least 6 willing individuals onboard in such a country or city, then we may consider launching a new chapter that will be under the existing platform.

At DAN, we will try not to be involved or try regulate individual private life and choices.

We should make friends and probably collaborate to do business and patronize each other but this must be done with due diligence.

English is the main language we use, but we have made attempts in communicating in French as well. We can communicate in Spanish or any local language as long as a majority of our viewers and attendees can understand.

We hope to successfully host multiple annual global literacy outreaches.

These will be held within our 3 annual in-person seasons.

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. Black Empowerment
  3. Economic Empowerment

We try to be different and our history is unique to us. We once ran business databases, newspaper and magazine but we have now evolved into multiple webinars, workshops, events and platforms.

We hope never to be in competition with any group or organization and why its important for us to continue to respect boundaries while we invest more efforts into building alliances.

Yes, DAN will send funds and other helpful resources if such is available, or if we got funding from external govt or private organizations.

We have helped and contributed to our platforms in the past and would gladly do same in the future.

We will also be involved to get regional funding.

This will be measured with the platform mandate, our vision and mission.

If the platform is women empowerment, then we want to be the most impactful and most effective women empowerment platform in the region.


We Are Committed To

Building Alliances Worldwide Memorandum of understanding

It’s a priority for all our platforms to build and manage alliances ongoing. Assuming individual platforms builds 10 to 20 partnerships each year, we anticipate over 100 MOU’s signed each year. These memorandum of understanding serves as a formal agreement between DAN platforms and other organizations or companies. While MOU’s are not legally binding, it signals the willingness to move forward with possibilities of cooperation.

These MOU’s can be seen as the starting point for future collaborations as it defines the scope and purpose of our vision and mission for all of humanity. We also recommend a partnering with groups and organizations from different backgrounds, industry and regions.

Our end goal is to embolden our community organizations to draw global attention on discriminatory practices and economic blockades that has created systemic impoverishment of our local communities and the less privileged.