DAN's Global Literacy & Skills Acquisition Program

Black Excellence Digest

Making Our World A Better Place For The Good Of All

The Black Excellence Digest is an effective inspirational tool that’s designed to help DAN fulfill it’s global literacy vision of transferring unique and helpful knowledge from our experts, stakeholders and role models, to uplift and empower young girls, woman, seniors and youths. This will also be helpful in bridging the gap between those that are very accomplished, and those who need mentorship, or that are confined to marginalized communities.

Black Excellence Digest est un outil d’inspiration efficace conçu pour aider DAN à réaliser sa vision globale de l’alphabétisation consistant à transférer des connaissances uniques et utiles de nos experts, parties prenantes et modèles, pour élever et autonomiser les jeunes filles, les femmes, les personnes âgées et les jeunes. Cela sera également utile pour combler le fossé entre ceux qui sont très accomplis et ceux qui ont besoin de mentorat ou qui sont confinés dans des communautés marginalisées.


Black Excellence Program

Through this program, we will be working with our partners, and industry experts to ensure the accomplishments of people of African descent worldwide are effective used to uplift and encourage the younger generation to have the understanding that Black Excellence is a part of our culture and lifestyle.

We strongly believe the Black Excellence Digest will give hope to the hopeless, and enlighten our minds on how to navigate our complex world, while inspiring women and girls to see a future of possibilities and positive outcomes.

Community Outreach & Festivals

DAN's black excellence digest will be consistently used to add more substance into our daily discussions as we distribute copies at festivals, carnivals, anniversaries and much more.

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Stakeholders & Partners Program

DAN's black excellence program is opened to collaborations with like-minded organizations and individuals. We will respectfully collaborate with our partners to make more impact.

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Free Distribution Campaign

DAN's black excellence digest will be given out complimentary in some strategic locations and areas of interest to our leaders. This includes shelters, prisons, schools, and community centers.

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Literacy Mentorship Initiative

Through the black excellence program, we will execute several literacy and mentorship projects that will be aimed at marginalized and the underprivileged individuals in different countries.

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Role Models Celebrations

We have profiled achievers in the past, and will continue to showcase role models with the hope of inspiring our younger generations to be smart, noble and effective in their lives journey.

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Adopt A Village Initiative

We will reach-out to institutions and communities that are mostly economically left behind. We will continue to empower both the young and old, especially those who have unique challenges.

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